Research Expertise

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Agricultural and Resource Economics


Research Interests

Cerruti Hooks

Sustainable agriculture

Eric Lichtenberg

Environmental and resource economics;  land use policy

Sarah Lane

Environmental Policy and Science Interface, Innovative Technology for Environmental Restoration

Howard Leathers

Environmental economics; food sources;  population

Ramon Lopez

Public policy, rural policy and the environment, sustainable development

Kenneth McConnell

Valuing environmental resources; fisheries economics

Lars Olson

Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

Douglas Parker

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics and Policy

Adel Shirmohammadi

Bioenvironmental and water resources engineering, water quality and transport modeling, and nonpoint source pollution assessment using an integrated watershed approach

Charles Towe

Economics of land use, land valuation

Roberton Williams III

Environmental economics, applications to climate, local air pollution, transportation and energy policy

Animal and Avian Sciences


Research Interests

Clara Angel

Reducing air emissions, phosphorus reductions

Mary Ann Ottinger

MEES, environmental chemicals and biology

Jennifer Timmons

Environment; biosecurity

Environmental Science and Technology


Research Interests

Bill Bowerman

Use of birds to indicate the health of the environment

Andrew Baldwin

Sea level rise and coastal wetlands

Frank Coale

Land Management and Conservation, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management

Daniel Fisher

Toxicity of waste, effects on environment

Robert Lee (Bob) Hill

Nutrient management, environmental risks, land management

Reginal Harrell

Director NE regional Aquaculture Center, environmental and bioethics

Bruce James

Aquatic chemistry of soils and its application to environmental quality

Paul Leisnham

Global change biology

Joshua McGrath

Water quality, nutrient management

Bahram Momen

Effects of Air pollution and Climate Change on Ecosystem

Brian Needelman

Climate change and coastal habitats, GHG balances

Martin Rabenhorst


Robert Tjaden

Environmental and Natural Resource Policy

Raymond Weil

Sustainable cropping, soil management for food security

Plant Science and Landscape Architecture


Research Interests

Yimaz Balci

Invasive species, biology

Mark Carroll

Water quality

John Lea-Cox

Irrigation, sustainability for stormwater mitigation, water, nutrient and crop health management

Scott Glenn

Environmental impact of herbicides

David Myers

Green infrastructure, sustainable design and planning, forest conservation

Jack Sullivan

Sustainable urban design

Joseph Sullivan

Global climate change, urban forestry

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation


Research Interests

Carl Bovill

Sustainable design

Sidney Brower

Environment-behavior, urban planning and design

Amy Gardner

Alternative energy and sustainability

Isaac Williams

Urbanism and culture

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