Division of Research

Limited Submissions are Grant programs, which accept only a fixed number of applications or nominations from a given institution. Many funding agencies have programs that place limits on the number of applications they will accept. To coordinate submissions by the University of Maryland, College Park the following guidelines have been established.

Finding the Funding Program

Current programs will be posted on the limited submission calendar under Open Programs with the UMD campus deadline listed first. An archive of past programs is available under Closed Programs. Be sure to check the calendar often; new programs will be added as the information becomes available. While we make every effort to list all limited submission programs on this website, programs may exist that are limited but not on this list. Please inform Anne Geronimo (see below) of any such programs as soon as possible.

Internal Submissions

The internal letter of intent or internal pre-proposal must be submitted to the Division of Research (DVR) by 5:00p.m. EST on the date specified as the internal deadline on the Limited Submissions Calendar. Letters of Intent or Pre-proposals must be submitted via the "APPLY" link found on the Limited Submissions Calendar as a single PDF file.

Submitting the Letter of Intent or Pre-Proposal

  1. The letter of Intent should have the name and title of all principal investigators with CVs and title of proposed research.
  2. A nomination should include the name and resume of the potential nominee with a research statement and listing of intended references.
  3. A pre-proposal should be two to three pages in length. It should summarize the proposed project and describe briefly why the applicant thinks his/her proposal might be successful. It should also include a curriculum vita for each principal investigator, and a one-page budget. If cost sharing or matching is required, a statement specifying who will be providing the cost share must be included.

If a campus selection process is needed due to more pre-proposals than an agency allows the limited submission listing will be marked as "Pending." If the number of participants does not exceed the number of allowable submissions no internal competition will be necessary. If the DVR receives more applications than are allowed by the agency, an internal, peer-review by appropriate senior faculty and the Vice President for Research will be conducted to determine which proposals will go forward.

Questions and comments should be directed to Anne Geronimo, Director, Research Development and Program Coordinator at 301-405-4178 or geronimo@umd.edu.