Central Animal Procurement System (CAPS)

No animals may be ordered until an animal study proposal that covers the use of those animals has been approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Under certain circumstances, IACUC-approved SOPs may be used in lieu of an animal study proposal.

1. Complete Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the UMD Central Animal Request form found here.
2. Forward the form to DLAR/CARF at CARF@umd.edu for assurance that the animals that are to be ordered are listed in the approved animal study proposal and the numbers of animals do not exceed the numbers approved. If there is a discrepancy, a modification to the protocol will be required which may require approval by the IACUC. The numbers of animals used are tracked and, depending on the species, reported to regulatory agencies each year. The form must be sent to DLAR/CARF no matter where animals are housed. Alternatively, a spreadsheet or e-mail with the same information may be sent in lieu of the form if approval by the facility manager is not required.
3. The PI or designee may order animals, but the facility management must be aware of the impending order prior to its placement. If animals will be housed in or delivered to 4th floor Biology (biol-animals@umd.edu) forward the form to the facility manager for approval prior to placement of the order. The facility manager will ensure that the resources to care for the animals are available and all arrangements will be made to receive the impending shipment.

Approved list for rats and mice
1. Rats and mice may only be ordered from the approved list found here. An approved source requires barrier production practices, genetic management and monitoring, microbiologic standard, health surveillance and shipping in a manner to maintain health status.
2. Obtaining rats and mice from sources other than the approved list requires approval from the University Veterinarian. Health information including results of surveillance testing will be required from the originating source.

ARAC Approved - Oct. 26, 2008

  • CAPS Form (DOC)