CCAC Guide for the Care and Use of Experimental Animals (Volume 1)

This is the Canadian equivalent to the ILAR Guide. Volume 1 emphasizes IACUC matters and general information on anesthetics, surgery, etc. Volume 2 provides species specific information.

Field Study Guides

Guidelines for The Use of Wild Birds In Research (The Ornithological Council)

Guidelines for The Capture, Handling & Care of Mammals (American Society of Mammologists)

Guidelines for the Use of Fishes in Research (American Fisheries Society)

Guidelines for Use of Live Amphibians and Reptiles in Field Research (American Society of Ichthyologists & Herpetologists, The Herpetologists' League, and the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles)

General Information Websites


Established specifically as a resource for IACUCs, it can be searched for a wide variety of topics including: alternatives, databases, institutional guidelines, training and links to specific institutional web-sites.

NIH Genome/Animal Model

Primarily a resource for information on genome models (vertebrate and invertebrates), it contains links for information on the mouse, rat, xenopus, and zebrafish.

Whole Mouse Catalog

An excellent resource on “all things” mice. Provides information and links on genome, organismal physiology & pathology, anatomy, disease models, vendors, pet mice and rats and other topics.

Institute of Laboratory Animal Resources (ILAR)

A National Academy of Sciences site. Includes information on animal models and strains, genetic stock database, and web search capabilities. Many past issues of the ILAR journal are available on-line and include issues on “hot topics” in animal research such as humane endpoints, adjuvants & antibody production, non-invasive technology, animal models, and special issues on fish, amphibians, and reptiles.

NetVet - The Electronic Zoo

An excellent resource on information about a wide variety of animal species.

Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research (PSBR)

PSBR aims to educate the public about biomedical research and the role the responsible use of animals plays in improving both human and animal health.

Understanding Animal Research

Understanding Animal Research is a UK based organization that aims to achieve broad understanding and acceptance of the humane use of animals in biomedical research in order to advance science and medicine.