How do I prepare for an inspection?
Inspections are an opportunity for the IACUC to view facilities and laboratories as they are run on a daily basis, and since we know that UMD researchers and facilities personnel operate in compliance with the SOPs related to their protocol, IACUC policies, and The Guide, no special preparation of the facility should be required. Having said that, we also understand that it is useful to have a reference for those kinds of items the IACUC inspection teams typically look for. Below we provide a copy of the Laboratory Inspection Checklist that is used by the IACUC to evaluate the operations of laboratories and facilities involved in animal care and use. In addition, we have compiled an “Inspections FAQs” list, which goes into further detail on the inspection process. It should be noted that each inspection team is comprised of individuals with various backgrounds in research, teaching or safety/hygiene, consequently there may be differences in some of the specific questions and comments a particular team may have from one inspection to the next. If you have questions during the inspection, you should feel free to ask the team members at that time. Please feel free to contact the IACUC office for assistance.

  • FAQs (PDF)
  • Animal Facility Inspection Checklist (PDF)
  • Laboratory Inspection Checklist (PDF)