Below are frequently asked questions on protocol and/or amendment submission and processing through There are several “How To” documents detailing the use of the IRBnet system, listed on IRBnet under “Forms and Templates.” These may answer any questions you have, but please feel free to call the IACUC office (Pam Lanford, 301-405-7295 or Renee Kahn 301-405-4792), if you would like additional assistance.

  • FAQ's (PDF)
  • Did I...? Commonly Overlooked Submission Details (PDF)
  • How to Create a New Protocol (PDF)
  • How to Share a new Protocol (PDF)
  • How to Submit a New IACUC Protocol (PDF)
  • How to Submit an Amendment (PDF)
  • How to Submit an Annual Review (PDF)
  • How to Clone an ASP Form (PDF)
  • How to Document External Collaborations (PDF)
  • How to Return to Edit Your Project (Pre-Submission)(PDF)